Saturday, October 16, 2010

"I don't know where the sunbeams end 
And the starlight begins 
It's all a mystery"
 -The Flaming Lips, Flight Test

Saturday, October 2, 2010

WARNING: Contains sexual content.

I swore to abandon discussions of men and relationships. However, sitting here sipping on my soy latte with the beautifully, chill, crisp fall air blowing across me, I am inclined, in this perfect moment, to break my own rules. This is pretty much solely due to Natalie's quest for me to ramble my thoughts for the future book I'm not going to write, but will pretend to write, but really should write.You know, one of those. It will be a best seller, if it were real. Okay, enough.  

We're discussing her recent male failure. An issue we are both too accustomed to. However, we remain optimistic that one day each of us may get the chance to share a bed with a male equivalent to ourselves. For now, we spend our nights as if we are in middle school again, by staying late up, verbally illustrating our dreams and having slumber parties with our best lady friends. Except now, red wine is involved, and our "boy" issues hold vastly more weight than previous years. We huddle together in comfort as the other females of our generation silently shout MARRIAGE BABIES MARRIAGE LOVE COMMITMENT BABIES MARRIAGE!!!! We don't want that. For now, at least, and who is to say ever. 
We are "other," and this male-esq mindset makes other 
woman hate us and men afraid of us. 

Great. Where to go from here... We do not revert and give in, even though sometimes that option seems nice. I find that anyone other then us "un-settlers" have a much easier time finding female companionship. But then again, I would rather remove my freckles from my skin then conform to a lifestyle I do not believe in, especially to make "friends". Life is exciting for us free women. But, like most men, this freedom has a long tail which  trails behind our every encounter of undressing, awkward first dates and flirtatious behavior. 

Behind our backs we keep one hand with our fingers crossed all while the other hand is shoved down our newest victims pants hoping that we either get a good fuck out of this, a lasting relationship or maybe a few free meals or shit... all of the above! OH! the man that makes us melt physically and mentally, now that's who we're holding out for. For those ladies who didn't hold out and settled, they gaze at us with admiring eyes whispering envious, harsh statements underneath their breath. All the while clinging to us as to catch any drip of the sensual, sweet, free, seductive behavior we leave behind. 

We each are imprisoned by different things, but it is a difference in prison statements. They get life without payroll and we're stuck in the can for a couple of years paying for our the minor crime(s). There is hope for us; we aren't dead yet, goddammit!! In fact, we're more alive than ever. And this energy we elude, this challenge we casually graze across men's laps everywhere, keep us as this higher class of women. But up here, drifting above the norm, we're still looking for that one to hit us down and capture us. An owner we have no problem being a slave to because we know that when he slips his hand up our skirt there is more than just friction being exchanges through body parts. There is a deep binding connection as real as the blood that's now pulsating through our body. Fucking right. This is what I'm holding out for. Until I'm struck from my free gliding life, I'll continue joyfully skipping through life picking up men as if we're in a grocery store food shopping.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh hey I'm back!

I apologize fellow bloggers.. Things got a little crazy.
Started getting my life together with
Once I finally got my system down, I then got sick....
But have no fear,
this lady's back in action!

And to make up for my absence, I'm giving you this lovely video as a treat.

I've missed you all!

Hope you enjoy.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


I am in awe. 
This is so creative and well done!!
Just watch,
I can't properly explain. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

one year and still going strong!!!

I love this from The Love Shop, on Etsy.
Couldn't better describe my feelings towards that topic.

This is kinda odd, 
but recently I celebrated my one year of singlehood!!
(enter huge, shit-eating grin)
It is quite the accomplishment, let me tell you.
I've learned to be completely and totally happy without another! 
Yes, success!!!!
If we were to be having this conversation a couple years ago, 
I can honestly claim I would be very uncertain about living such a solo lifestyle.
However, the single-lady-hood is not as lonely as one would think.

 It's not that I'm afraid to enter the arena
(well, that's kinda a lie... I am slightly petrified)
but I refuse to even get close to getting my heart broken for just some average joe-smoe.
I am a cool lady dammit!
No douche derserves to suck up my time if he doesn't deserve it.
I am so lucky to have so many incredible people around me,
for now, I will continue pouring my love into them.
Those are the ones I live for.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


"The past won't rest until we jump the 
fence and leave it behind"
- Arcade Fire, The Suburban War

(rebecca acoustic)

I'm packing up all this bullshit 
I've been dealing with lately and leaving it.